General Psychiatry Department (8th Department)

The 8th, general psychiatry department of the North Estonia Medical Centre treats:

  • patients with first-episode psychosis occurring over the age of 40;
  • patients with diseases involving psychotic symptoms, whose disease started more than 2 years ago (and are no longer considered first-episode psychosis patients) but who are considered candidates for continued integrative treatment;
  • patients with memory problems and primary diagnostic needs.

To ascertain and evaluate patients’ psychological condition, various evidence-based psychological tests and methods are used. The patient's treatment is based on the principles of modern evidence-based medicine.

Patients can spend their free time in the recreation room, where there is TV, a lending library and exercise machine is available. The department has 26 beds, and the wards have two, three or four beds.

Therapy via teamwork

Patients are treated in the department based on the principle of teamwork. Upon a patient’s arrival, the attending physician takes the lead in forming a treatment team for the patient, consisting of the attending physician, attending nurse and psychologist. The team can also include a creative arts therapist and occupational therapist.

If necessary and with patient consent, family members can also be included on the team.

During the course of treatment, conversations are held between the patient and treatment team, discussing topics and issues related to treatment, the illness and coping strategies. The specialists included on the team are responsible throughout the treatment process for planning, administering and evaluating treatment.

Alongside medications, psychotherapy plays an important part in treating psychiatric problems. Psychotherapy is indicated in the case of light and moderate psychological and behavioural disorders as well as for many somatic and neurological diseases, where there is evidence that psychological factors played a role in causing, supporting and treating the patent’s problems.


Four types of therapy

Individual psychotherapy

deals with the patient’s salient problems using psychotherapeutic methods and techniques to help the patient understand his or her emotions, perceptions and behaviour in an appropriate direction and thus improving his or her everyday coping.

Group psychotherapy

deals with problems experienced by patients in everyday life. The group allows the patient to get support from other group members and help the patients learn by experience how to cope with similar problems. The group gives a sense that the patient is not alone with the problems of his or her illness.

Creative or creative arts therapy

is a psychotherapeutic activity where creative means such as art and music are used to achieve goals based on the health condition.

Occupational therapy

focuses on the patient’s active capacity. It deals with preserving everyday functioning and making everyday activities accessible. As psychological disorders may result in temporary impairment of attention span, memory and ability to concentrate, occupational therapy uses exercises and assignments to help improve the above functions.

Those with memory deficits are trained to use of memory assistive devices. After inpatient treatment ends, the patient is guaranteed outpatient treatment if needed. If indicated, the patient can also be referred to rehabilitation programmes.

The general psychiatry department was opened in 2010. The department has 3 psychiatrists, 3 psychologists, 7 nurses, 11 caregivers, a creative arts therapist, an occupational therapist and a secretary. The general psychiatry department is a staging area for doctors, residents, nurses and psychologists.

During the hospitalization, the patient’s health is monitored comprehensively, using the necessary mental health and physical health screenings and tests

dr Mari-Liis Laanetu
the head of the Medical Centre’s general psychiatry department
Evely Ploompuu

Evely Ploompuu


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Mairi Zopp

Mairi Zopp

Head of Department

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Sigrid Sädeme

Sigrid Sädeme

Chief Nurse

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