Emergency surgery centre

The medical centre provides multidisciplinary surgical treatment. In March 2015, an emergency surgery centre was opened in the surgery clinic for high-level treatment of emergency surgical patients. It is the largest structural unit of emergency surgery in Estonia. The centre employs the chief doctor/head of the department, senior doctor/general surgeon, four general surgeons, and doctors-residents. The centre has 27 beds, including 5 intensive care beds.

The emergency surgery centre considers the following very important in its treatment:
  • a modern and multidisciplinary treatment of emergency surgical patients;
  • evidence-based treatment based on good treatment practices;
  • ensuring high quality of care and continuous monitoring of treatment results;
  • integration of residents and students in teaching and treatment;
  • development of research in the field of emergency surgery;
  • the introduction of new medical technologies and new medicines in the field of emergency surgery.
The centre mainly treats patients with the following diagnoses:
  • appendicitis (inflammation of the appendix);
  • cholecystitis (inflammation of the gallbladder);
  • diverticulitis (inflammation of the outpouchings of the bowel wall);
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • complications of peptic ulcers (duodenal and gastric ulcer);
  • gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • hernias in need of urgent surgery;
  • soft tissue infections;
  • ischemic limbs;
  • traumatic injuries.
The main tasks of the emergency surgery centre are:
  • emergency surgical visits to the emergency medicine department of the medical centre;
  • emergency surgical consultations in the structural units of the medical centre;
  • emergency general surgical operations;
  • stabilisation of critical patients in the emergency surgery centre;
  • consultation and referral of surgical patients to the relevant departments;
  • continuous development of training and research and the quality of care;
  • supplementing professional treatment guidelines.


Ülle Sukk


617 1517

Peep Talving

Head of Centre

Laura Uibo

Chief Nurse of Centre

617 1580