Customer Service Department

What does a good customer service person and good customer service mean for us? It starts with a person who has a respect and love for his or her job and embodies the right attitude, someone who has empathy and treats others and themselves with respect. If you cherish your work, others will respect you and your work!
Patients enter the hospital with high expectations, and want their values, needs and preferences to be considered. There are as many different attitudes, concerns, wishes and expectations as there are people. For people who come to the hospital, it’s important that the customer service person treat them with empathy and have an open and attentive attitude, because often the customer service person is the first to be sought out with a problem, and the patient needs a good sympathetic listener and empathetic understanding.
A total of 82 people are employed at the Medical Centre’s customer service division.

Customer service associates are on duty in the following areas

  • the Mustamäe block Polyclinic registration desk
  • registration desks at the Medical Centre’s policlinics
  • the Radiology Centre registration desks
  • the Mustamäe hospital’s Emergency Medicine Department’s registration desks
  • the call centre
  • the Hiiu and Mustamäe block information desks

We also staff

  • an export manager

Who are we and what do we do?

  • For many people who come to the hospital, customer service is the first contact. The customer service personnel are the visible part of the hospital service; their job to communicate directly with the customer. Customer service associates register clients for an appointment or admit them to hospital; they accept co-payments for appointments and overnight stays, as well as payment for paid services; they provide guidance, resolve problems and concerns and help people.
  • The paid service administrator develops, organizes and arranges the fee services at the Medical Centre and help patients from foreign countries find their way to the right specialist at our hospital.
  • The social worker provides psychological and social counselling to patients and clients to maintain and improve quality of life during and after treatment. The social worker offers support, aid, and advice to patients and their loved ones who may be experiencing difficulties due to the illness or accident that befell the patient. The social worker also evaluates how well the patient is coping psychosocially, prepares an activity plan for alleviating socioeconomic problems and for supporting the effectiveness of treatment.
  • The interfaith chaplain offers patients and family members medical and spiritual support.

As a state of the art hospital, we offer medical services to foreign embassies in Estonia, and we also introduce our hospital to visitors from Estonia and abroad.
Our goal is to offer the best customer service.
We aim to be professional, efficient, flexible, cheerful and good communicators. 

Anneli Habicht

Anneli Habicht

Head of Department

617 1540