Visitation and inpatient fee

Visitation fee

Patients must pay a visitation fee for seeing a medical specialist.

The visitation fee for outpatient medical specialist care is 5 euros, including for the assistance provided in the emergency medicine department.

The visitation fee is charged at this rate once per case within three months.

Visit fee is not charged:

  • from pregnant women;
  • for treatment of persons under 18 years of age;
  • if emergency outpatient medical care is immediately followed by inpatient medical care;
  • from patients who have referral from other medical specialist of North Estonia Medical Centre;
  • from patients who have referral from the medical specialist of the same area, but different health care institution;
  • from patients of outpatient dialysis;
  • from tuberculosis patients and the persons they have been in contact with in tuberculosis clinic;
  • from persons who are brought to psychiatry clinic against their will;
  • from unemployed insured persons who come to psychiatry clinic.


In-patient fee

Pursuant to the Health Insurance Act Amendment Act (passed by Riigikogu on December 20, 2012), the Board of North Estonia Medical Centre has established in-patient fee of 2.50 euros from February 1, 2013. In-patient fee 2.50 euros must be paid upon check-out for each treatment day (including outpatient treatment), maximum for 10 days. In-patient fee can be paid to the secretary of department or at reception desks of clinics and ER. Both cash and card payments are accepted. As an exception, we can issue an invoice which must be paid by the due date.

In-patient fee is not charged:

  • for intensive care;
  • for pregnancy and childbirth related outpatient specialised medical care;
  • for treatment of persons under 18 years of age;
  • from patients of haemodialysis department;
  • from patients who have infectious diseases dangerous to society (for example, tuberculosis);
  • from patients who are hospitalised irrespective of their will and need emergency psychiatric care;
  • from disabled unemployed patients;
  • in case of fatal cases.

If you have not received in-patient fee invoice or it is lost, please contact the hospital:

If patient chooses paid appointment of medical specialist, the visit fee is already included.