Neurosurgery Centre

The North Estonia Medical Centre's Neurosurgery Centre is the largest facility for planned and emergency neurosurgical treatment in Estonia. Eight neurosurgeons work at our centre and we have 40 patient beds (including six intensive care beds).

The Neurosurgery Centre is equipped with all of the latest treatment and diagnostic capabilities for patients of neurosurgery. 

Each year we conduct more than 2,000 neurosurgical operations, provide consultation to up to 8,500 outpatients in the polyclinic, and conduct an average of 600 day surgery operations. We provide year-round, 24-hour emergency neurosurgical care for all of northern and western Estonia, and carry out on average 500 emergency operations per year.

We treat central nervous system diseases requiring surgery (brain tumours, cerebral blood vessels, brain traumas, etc.), spinal degenerative diseases (spinal disc herniation, narrowing of the spinal canal) and peripheral nerve compression or injury.

The centre is also active in training resident physicians, and the neurosurgeons participate in various study programmes and projects. In cooperation with specialists of other fields at the North Estonia Medical Centre (radiologists, intensive care physicians, neurologists, oncologists), we provide highly complex, good quality and timely neurosurgical attention to all of our patients. The length of the queue for outpatient appointments and inpatient care depends on the nature and seriousness of the health issue.