Infection Control

Hospital infections are a significant problem in modern medicine. The number of infections has increased due to the increasing number of patients with reduced immunity; use of invasive diagnostics and treatment methods; extensive use of antibiotics and distribution of  microbial resistance.
In 2002, Infection Control Department was established as a part of Quality Department. The main objective of the department is to minimize the risk for hospital infections and create safer treatment and working environment for patients and staff.

Daily activities:

  • registration and analyses of hospital infections
  • monitoring resistant microbes and outbreaks in cooperation with microbiology laboratory
  • developing antibiotics policies; monitor and analyse the use of antibiotics and provide counselling regarding antibacterial treatment in co-operation with hospital pharmacy
  • develop hygiene requirements and regularly check if these requirements are followed
  • advise staff on preventing the spread of infectious diseases
  • register all incidents where staff has had contact with cuts and stick wounds, in cooperation with Work Safety Division
  • provide training on infection control issues, in cooperation with Training Division
  • consult with other medical specialists regarding infectious diseases

The department employs 3 doctors and 6 nurses.