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Department of Anaesthesiology

"Our area of work is literally wide, because we provide services all over the North Estonia Medical Centre."

dr Sergei Kagalo, Head of Department

Our 18 surgery rooms at Mustamäe unit and 3 surgery rooms at day surgery department at Hiiu unit are equipped with modern devices and instruments. In the future, Hiiu surgery department will be transferred to Day Surgery Centre which will be opened at Mustamäe unit. The Department of Anaesthesiology includes also recovery room with 24 beds. Efficiency of post-surgery analgesia is monitored by the team of acute pain management.

Department of Anaesthesiology performs about 15 000 procedures each year.
If patient is sent to surgery, he or she must pay visit to the Outpatient Anaesthesiology Clinic. Nearly 70% of scheduled patients visit the outpatient clinic before their surgery. This enables to minimize surgery-related risks by performing additional tests and analyses; discover possible risk factors of anaesthesia and, last but not least, introduce the patient to forthcoming anaesthesia and specific character of perioperative period, including pain management.

Anaesthetic procedures are performed in surgery units of Mustamäe and Hiiu buildings as well as the departments of radiology, endoscopy, radiotherapy, and angiography and in the psychiatry clinic of North Estonia Medical Centre. As required from the hospital of highest ranking, the Department of Anaesthesiology is equipped with modern technology. Department includes separate group of cardiac anaesthetists which is managed by Dr. Indrek Rätsep.

The Head of Outpatient Anaesthesiology Clinic is Dr. Pille Sillaste. In 2010, new and modern X-unit of North Estonia Medical Centre was opened and oncosurgery activities of North Estonia Medical Centre were transferred from Hiiu unit to new unit.  Also experienced pain management specialists Dr. Mare Kolk and Dr. Pille Sillaste joined the team of anaesthesiology centre. Dr. Sillaste has been the head of anaesthesiology and intensive care at Hiiu Oncology Centre and she has been promoting the development of chronic pain management for years. In addition to pain management, the Outpatient Anaesthesiology Clinic also provides perioperative examination of patients and changes therapy, if necessary. The purpose of the department is to ensure safe anaesthesia for all the patients of North Estonia Medical Centre.

Department of Anaesthesiology

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Valentina Kalamis

Valentina Kalamis

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