An established quality system is essential for ensuring the quality of  health care services and guarantees efficient administration and management of hospital: procedures, instructions and other relevant documents help to harmonise hospital's activities. This allows managing risks, minimizing the number of accidents and checking all activities step by step, if necessary.
North Estonia Medical Centre has been engaged in teaching both patients and their relatives in order to enhance the treatment process. One of the most common methods in patient education are special information leaflets for patients and their relatives. All these materials are also available on hospital's web page.
In 2008, Quality System Service was established as a part of Quality Department in order to ensure all above mentioned quality requirements. Quality System Service coordinates and develops the comprehensive quality management system of the organization, including preparing and administering quality documents and ensuring availability of patient information leaflets.


  • integrates the comprehensive quality management system of North Estonia Medical Centre and develops its structural unit based sub-systems and quality management systems by following national requirements and international accreditation standard Joint Commission International Accreditation Standards for Hospitals”.
  • administers the documents of North Estonia Medical Centre organization manual
  • composes patient education leaflets and distributes them through departments and hospital's web page
  • analyses patient feedback and results of customer satisfaction surveys and sums them up
  • develops quality and document systems for handling cells, tissues and organs; applies for and renews activity licences.