Bring along

  • identification document (passport, ID card, driver's license);
  • referral letter from your GP or medical specialist;
  • results of previous analyses and diagnostic researches;
  • personal toiletries;
  • pyjamas, joggers or robe, if you wish;
  • slippers or loafers;
  • daily medications.


  • In Mustamäe housing, patients are admitted to hospital:
    • on workdays 7–16 at clinic's reception desk
    • on Sundays 10–18 at clinic's reception desk
    • on Saturday and workdays after working hours (16–7), on Sundays (18–7) and on public holidays at the reception desk of ER (24h service)
    • Wardrobe for scheduled patients is in room B1060.
  • In Hiiu Follow-Up Care Clinic (Hiiu 44), scheduled patients will be admitted to hospital at reception desk daily 8.00–19.00.
  • In Psychiatric Clinic, scheduled patients will be admitted to hospital on workdays 8.00–16.00.
  • Our Tuberculosis Department in Kose admits scheduled patients 24/7.

In-patient fee

Pursuant to the Health Insurance Act Amendment Act (passed by Riigikogu on December 20, 2012), the Board of North Estonia Medical Centre has established in-patient fee of 2.50 euros from February 1, 2013. In-patient fee 2.50 euros must be paid upon check-out for each treatment day (including outpatient treatment), maximum for 10 days. In-patient fee can be paid to the secretary of department or at reception desks of clinics and ER. Both cash and card payments are accepted. As an exception, we can issue an invoice which must be paid by the due date.

In-patient fee is not charged:

  • for intensive care;
  • for pregnancy and childbirth related outpatient specialised medical care;
  • for treatment of persons under 18 years of age;
  • from patients of haemodialysis department;
  • from patients who have infectious diseases dangerous to society (for example, tuberculosis);
  • from patients who are hospitalised irrespective of their will and need emergency psychiatric care;
  • from disabled unemployed patients;
  • in case of fatal cases.

If you have not received in-patient fee invoice or it is lost, please contact the hospital:

Wi-Fi and mobile phones

Personal laptops are allowed in hospital. Patients have free access to Wi-Fi in our Mustamäe housing. Please ask nurse to activate the Wi-Fi-service.
The department can establish restrictions to the use of mobile phones in order to ensure the safety of patients.

Receiving the patient

You will be received by a nurse who

  • introduces internal rules of the hospital, informs you about additional requirements and daily routine;
  • discusses with you your daily medications;
  • arranges help in case of problems (translation, special requirements regarding movement, eating etc.);
  • attaches identification strap around patient's wrist or foot. Please do not remove the strap without permission. It is necessary for quick identification and effective first aid, for example, outside the department. Please inform your charge nurse about any strap-related problems.
  • Department's daily routine and addition requirements during hospitalization are available on department's information board. Please follow the rules and adhere to silent hours (between 23 and 7).

    The employees of North Estonia Medical Centre (physicians, nurses, caregivers etc.) are equipped with coloured identification tags - doctors have red name tags, nurses yellow name tags, caregivers green name tags and other staff blue name tags. In addition to employee's name, the tag also includes the photo and position of employee. Attending physician will be responsible for your treatment. Attending physician may change during your stay (for example, if you are transferred from one department to another or in intensive care units). Any medical information regarding your health and treatment is confidential pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act. Thus, we ask you to assign a contact person to whom our physicians and nurses are allowed to give information about your health status.

Safety at hospital

Please do not take pictures or record videos on the premises of North Estonia Medical Centre. This may disturb other patients. Safety of patients, staff and visitors is ensured by 24h video surveillance and security staff. We recommend you not to bring you with you any excess cash, jewellery and other valuables and large items (space in patient rooms and storages is limited). If possible, send your valuables back home with your family.
If you are taken to surgery or diagnostic research, please give your mobile phone, computer, wallet and other valuables to nurse; she will put them to strongbox. Items and clothes that are not allowed in department (for example, street clothes) and items that you wanted to consign, were received pursuant to instrument of delivery and receipt. The patient must sign the instrument and receive one copy of the instrument. Above mentioned items can be reclaimed during your treatment. Is you are leaving the hospital, you can reclaim your items from the department of check-out. North Estonia Medical Centre is responsible only for these items that were consigned pursuant to the instrument of delivery and receipt!