Cardiology Centre

The Cardiology Centre is Estonia’s largest specialized centre for cardiologic diagnostics and treatment. We deal with heart disease prevention and diagnose and treat all of today’s most common cardiovascular diseases.
The Cardiology Centre treats 20,000 patients a year, 15,000 as outpatients and 5,000 as inpatients. The centre employs 238 people: 40 doctors, 136 nurses, 55 caregivers and 7 receptionists.

The centre has a total of seven departments:

Modern non-invasive diagnostic methods

The Cardiology Polyclinic and the Functional Diagnostics Department use all of today’s most modern non-invasive diagnostic methods (EKG, stress tests, echocardiography, around the clock monitoring of arrhythmia and blood pressure). In cooperation with radiologists, we can also use all of the latest cardiological imaging tools for diagnostics (isotope imaging, CT scans, MRIs)
The Cardiology Centre is Estonia’s largest centre for treating heart attacks. Each year we treat 1,200-1,300 patients who have suffered a myocardial infarction. We use all of today’s modern treatment methods and we utilize an around-the-clock system for performing primary coronary interventions.
The Cardiology Centre treats heart arrhythmias at a fully modern level, performing cardiac stimulator implants (500-600 a year) and catheter ablations (250 a year).

European Society of Hypertension Centre of Excellence

The Medical Centre has been recognized by the European Society of Hypertension as a Centre of Excellence. We diagnose and treat hypertension patients. Patients are treated across the entire field, with all modern diagnostics and treatment methods available, including renal arterial catheter ablation in the case of drug-resistant arterial hypertension.
The Cardiology Polyclinic has specialist offices for treating patients with heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.
The Cardiology Centre is the internship base for University of Tartu medical students and residents.

Cardiology Centre

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