Department of Functional Diagnostics

The predecessor of current department of functional diagnostics was founded already in 1981 as a part of  the First-Aid Station of Tallinn. The main task of the department was and still is to perform non-invasive cardiac examinations for the patients from all the departments of the medical centre, both inpatients and outpatients. The department has become an unit which provides functional diagnosis services for the patients of Cardiology Outpatient Clinic.

Cardiac examination includes

  • ECG or electrocardiography
  • Cardiac stress tests on treadmill (also integrated with different methods of  medical imaging – cardiac imaging with SPECT- or radioisotope diagnostics in cooperation with radiology department, and echocardiography or sonogram of the heart.
  • Holter monitoring or 24h ECG for discovering cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Outpatient blood pressure monitoring or 24-hour monitoring.
  • Echocardiography or sonogram of the heart with ultrasonic colour Doppler for the examination of heart anatomy and functional parameters.

The volume of tests has remained stable during past five years:

  • ECG:                                               20,000 – 23,000 tests per year
  • Cardiac stress tests:                    700 – 1100 tests per year
  • Holter monitoring:                      1800 – 2600 tests per year
  • 24h blood pressure monitoring 800 – 1200 tests per year
  • Echocardiography:                      5100 – 6100 tests per year

The staff of clinic consists of 6 physicians, 11 nurses and a secretary.
Our department plays host for trainee residents from the Faculty of Medicine of  University of Tartu.
Our department is equipped with high-quality modern equipment which ensures the quality of tests and analyses and allows saving and representation of data for further analyses.
Test results will be immediately forwarded to patient's electronic medical history.

Funktsionaal- diagnostika osakond

Kai Poleštšuk


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