Social and occupational rehabilitation

Social rehabilitation

Who is the rehabilitation service for?

The rehabilitation service is a social service aimed at improving the independent living of a disabled person and increasing their inclusion in society.

The aim of social rehabilitation is to improve the independent living of a disabled person and increase their involvement in society.

How to receive the rehabilitation service?

To receive rehabilitation services, you must contact the customer service of the Social Insurance Board (in Tallinn at 8 Endla Street). You can also get the necessary information from the website or by calling 612 1360.

The case manager of the Social Insurance Board conducts a preliminary assessment, in the course of which it becomes clear whether the person is referred to a rehabilitation service or needs other services. If the rehabilitation service proves necessary, the basis for the provision of the service is:

  • a rehabilitation programme;
  • an action plan drawn up as a result of the assessment of the need for a social rehabilitation service;
  • a rehabilitation plan.

The person in need must contact the service provider within 60 days as of the notification of the decision to take over the obligation to pay the fee or the day they are added to the queue. The queue is maintained by the Social Insurance Board.

Provision process of the rehabilitation service

  • The service is provided in accordance with the referral decision (on the basis of a rehabilitation programme, the action plan of the Social Insurance Board, or the rehabilitation plan) for up to two years.
  • The service provider provides rehabilitation services and, if necessary, arranges for the person to receive all the necessary rehabilitation services at one service provider.
  • Within the framework of the service, the person’s coping and the need for assistance are assessed, proposals are made for the adaptation of the (home) environment, and for the receipt and use of technical aids. People with disabilities are also counselled on various topics to improve further social coping.

Additional cost of additional services associated with the rehabilitation service

Additional pay for accommodation during the stay in the rehabilitation service: the catering supplement is 40 euros for a total of five days.

Additional service: massage – 20 euros (30 min).


Occupational rehabilitation

Occupational rehabilitation is intended for people who have several obstacles due to a disability or illness and who therefore need the help of various specialists, i.e. a rehabilitation team, to start or continue working.

Occupational rehabilitation is intended for people who, due to a disability or illness, need the help of various specialists, i.e. the rehabilitation team, to start or continue working.

Occupational rehabilitation:

  • prepares you for working life;
  • supports your starting or continuing of work.

The need for occupational rehabilitation is assessed and referral to the service is provided by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund pays up to 2,500 euros a year for the patient’s occupational rehabilitation. Here, you will find the PRICE LIST of the Unemployment Insurance Fund’s occupational rehabilitation service (prices include VAT).

Registration for occupational rehabilitation

If you have any questions regarding occupational rehabilitation or to register for the service, call 639 0420 or 639 0409 (weekdays 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) or send an e-mail to the address

Our team includes the following specialists:

  • physiotherapist;
  • occupational therapist;
  • rehabilitation physician;
  • psychologist;
  • if necessary, a psychiatrist;
  • speech therapist / special educator;
  • creative therapist;
  • social worker;
  • nurse.

We provide rehabilitation services in a rehabilitation centre – find out more about our centre here.

Occupational rehabilitation service – price list of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund