Child psychiatry at the Psychiatry Clinic of the North Estonia Medical Centre

Adolescents aged 14 years and 6 months to 17 years and 6 months are treated at the psychiatry clinic. 

If you are dealing with a mental health problem, you should see a family physician first. Family physicians and mental health nurses can help children and their families when there are long queues for child and adolescent psychiatrists. In addition to family physicians, several Estonian family health centres have mental health nurses who, in addition to adults, can help children with their mental health concerns. Family physicians often have very good knowledge and skills in dealing with children’s mental health issues. 

When booking a time with a child and adolescent psychiatrist, please use only e-consultation from 1 June 2021. The guide for e-consultation in child psychiatry is published on the EHIF website The process of involving the medical team and submitting the medical bill in the e-consultation of child psychiatry (docx 59KB) 

A patient seeking mental health care without a referral will always be booked first with a mental health nurse. The nurse can arrange their further treatment as needed, involving appropriate specialists (the so-called medical team) and/or referring them to a child psychiatrist if necessary. 

The family physician can issue an e-consultation referral to a child and adolescent psychiatrist via the health information system. After that, there are two options: 

  • the psychiatrist prepares a response and the family physician continues to treat the patient as directed by the medical specialist or the medical team. 
  • In more complex cases, the psychiatrist will take over the patient and treatment will continue with a psychiatrist on the basis of the treatment plan drawn up by the medical team. 

When you first contact the doctor, bring the following documents: 

  • identity document of the child/adolescent, 
  • results of tests on social and academic skills, consultation decisions, or testimonials. 

Additional information 

In case of learning difficulties (specific learning difficulties, school refusal), we recommend contacting the Rajaleidja Centre or the Tallinn Educational Advice Centre. In case of social problems (behavioural, family problems), we recommended contacting a local government child protection specialist.