Access to Emergency Care

J. Sütiste tee 19, Tallinn









Medical Centre’s emergency care (EMO) is located in X-Block. Patients seeking emergency care should enter the hospital from the Children’s Hospital side. The emergency room is open around the clock.

The hospital’s front door should be used for visits to the polyclinic, scheduled hospital visits and visits to other patients.


For those arriving by car on Tervise or Retke road, turn onto the drive between the Children’s Hospital and the NEMC and turn into the X-Block parking lot at the lighted billboard. The parking lot has 21 spaces, plus five handicapped spaces. The parking lot with the barrier arm in front of the emergency room has free parking ONLY for people going to the emergency room.

When you arrive at the centre and register for an appointment with a doctor, present your parking ticket for validation.

When you leave the emergency room, re-enter the parking ticket into the payment terminal in the lobby. The payment terminal will display the price of the validated ticket as “0 euros.”

The parking lot with the barrier arm allows stays of up to 15 minutes. This is the time during which patient’s family members or a taxi can transport the patient in or out of the building. In this case, there’s no need to validate the ticket separately.

RH ligipääsu skeem

All others who want to park specifically in the emergency room parking lot will be charged 4 euros per hour of parking. Before ending the parking session, enter the ticket into the payment terminal in the lobby and pay the displayed amount for the parking session. You can only pay in cash for parking, the machine gives change.