Building complexes

North Estonia Medical Centre provides medical care in different units within Tallinn as well as outside the city (Kose unit). Here you can find the locations of our units, important contact information, information about public transport and parking and visiting hours. Please click unit's name for additional information.

Mustamäe unit includes ER, Diagnostics Clinic, Anaesthesiology Clinic, Surgery Clinic, Internal Medicine Clinic, Oncology Clinic and Haematology Clinic.

  • If you need information about in which department of North Estonia Medical Centre your close person is treated, please call 617 1300
  • If a person close to you has been taken to the emergency care unit, you can receive information about his or her condition by calling 617 1369

NB! Entrance to ER is from children's hospital's side

  • Hiiu unit
    Hiiu 39

Hiiu 39 unit includes Department of Nursing Care. 

  • Hiiu unit
    Hiiu 44

Hiiu 44 is the location of  Follow-Up Care Clinic.

  • Seewaldi unit
    Paldiski mnt 52

Seewaldi unit is the home for Psychiatry Clinic.

  • Kose unit
    Ravila mnt 29, Kose

Kose unit is the home for the Department of Tuberculosis of Pulmonology Clinic.

  • Ädala unit
    Ädala 2

Ädala unit is the home for Blood Establishment.

  • Foorum Centre
    Narva mnt 5

At Foorum Centre we have of DoonoriFoorum for blood donors and dialysis centre of nephrology centre.