Orthopaedics Centre

The Surgery Clinic's Orthopaedic Centre consists of 4 departments and a total of 27 doctors. The centre is made up of Orthopaedics Department I, Orthopaedics Department II (including the burns and septic wards), Orthopaedics Department III, and the Orthopaedics Polyclinic. We are located at the North Estonia Medical Centre's in Mustamäe. The address is Sütiste tee 19.

The centre treats patients suffering from complicated and severe orthopaedic trauma.

Main treatment activities 

  • implants for hip, knee, shoulder, elbow joints (up to 650 annually)
  • reconstructive surgery for shoulder joint (mainly arthroscopic): shoulder joint instability, rotator cuff reconstruction
  • reconstructive operations for knee joints (mainly arthroscopic), reconstruction of cruciate ligament, stitching of meniscus or partial resection, also osteotomy in the knee joint area for beginning arthrosis
  • arthroscopy for hip joint in various stages of illness
  • reconstructive foot operations
  • hand and wrist operations
  • corrective osteotomy for pelvic area using Ganzi method for hip dysplasia
  • corrective osteotomy for malunited fractures
  • treatment of complications of fractures such as
    - osteomyelitis
    - pseudarthrosis
    - bone transport operations
  • treatment of infections specific to foot and hand
  • treatment of polytrauma

The centre's Orthopaedic Departments are successfully developing mini-invasive endoprosthetic surgery for knee and hip joints, preventative surgical treatment for hip joint arthrosis, and orthopaedic hand surgery.  We are the leader of orthopaedic endoscopy (arthroscopy) in Estonia.

Each year we carry out circa 700 different kinds of arthroscopic operations for the knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle and wrist joints. Nearly 150 of these are reconstructive procedures. Over 60% of the patients are admitted as emergency cases. The number of patients with traumas increases each year, due to which the majority of the centre's doctors' work encompasses on-call duties and treating emergency patients.

Burns treatment unit

The centre also includes a department that is unique in Estonia, where we treat patients of traumatic burns and conduct various dermoplasty operations for other orthopaedic and surgery patients. Annually, we carry out nearly 3,500 operations and treat around 4,000 patients at the centre. We serve nearly 21,000 outpatients.

The centre is a training base for the University of Tartu medical department's students and residents. We actively cooperate in research with medical research centres in Estonia and abroad.