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The goal of the Administration Division is to ensure that administrative matters are handled efficiently and that patients get the service they deserve at the Medical Centre. The functions of the Administration Division include registration of documents and organizing document circulation, record-keeping and records management, transferring records to public archives, and organizing internal supervision and on-time performance of document management functions.
The Administration Division includes the Medical Centre Office of Administration and the Archive. The Office of Administration provides services to both Medical Centre staff and patients.
Patients can apply to the Office of Administration for a copy of their medical records. The Office of Administration can issue copies of medical records to patients only if the records are on file in the archive. Cases where records are still in the hands of medical personnel are handled by the secretary for the relevant structural unit. 

Remember that medical records are documents that contain discrete personal data. Estonian legal acts are strictly followed whenever such personal data are released.

Options for applying for the issue of a copy of medical records:

1.      Paper application forms are to be submitted to the Office of Administration.

2.      Paper application forms can also be mailed to the Office of Administration.

3.      Electronically completed forms are to be digitally signed and sent to

Note: When submitting an application in paper form, an ID must also be presented. A legible copy of an identity document must be appended/attached to both mailed and electronic applications. Electronically completed forms must be digitally signed.

Options for issuing copies of medical records:

1.      Copies of medical records and/or radiological examination documents in hard copy can be
- signed for by the patient in person at the Office of Administration;

a.       – issued to the patient’s legal representative;

2.       - sent by registered post to the patient personally at the address specified by the patient.

3.      Documents are issued electronically only to the patient (on the basis of personal identification code) who can open encrypted documents.
Note: An encrypted document can be opened by a person using their ID card and the PIN codes for that ID card.

Copies of medical records and/or radiological examination documents must be issued within 5 business days of the submission of a request for information to the Medical Centre. If the request for information cannot be fulfilled because deficient data was submitted by the applicant, we will notify the applicant within five business days that the required data must be furnished.

Patients can keep track of their digital medical records online at

The Medical Centre Office of Administration is located at J. Sütiste tee 19, 13419 Tallinn, on the ground floor. It is open on business days from 8:00-15:30.     

Office Service


+372 617 1101

Kaja Kulper

Head of Service

+372 617 2242