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Outpatient Clinic

Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic – formerly known as Psychiatric Consultancy – was established as early as in 1946. The clinic has been in its current location since 1982. The Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic also includes Mental Health Centre, which is responsible for forensic psychiatric examinations.

We accept both children and adolescents and adults from all over Estonia. The main catchment area of the clinic is Tallinn and Harju County. Also, more and more patients from foreign countries come to the Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic for medical help.

No referral required. Within the opening hours of the clinic, the psychiatrist on duty will provide help for emergency patients and patients without previous appointment, both children and adults. It allows us to attend to patients during the same day. It also offers a good opportunity for other medical specialists and family physicians to get consultations as quickly as possible.

Consultations of psychiatric nurse

Patients who already have started their therapy and require continuous supervision of their state of health can consult a psychiatric nurse. Psychiatric nurse will all provide help and consultations on social issues and, if necessary, consults with attending physician regarding further treatment and other related problems.

Psychologist's appointment requires referral

Our psychologists are clinical psychologists who have proficiency in different research methods and psychotherapy methods (including cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy) both for children and adults. Patient will be sent to psychologist by attending physician. Patient cannot be admitted by psychologist without psychiatrist's previous referral.

Occupational therapist uses a computer program CogPack which is specially designed for patients with mental disorders for improving their mental abilities. This approach has been warmly welcomed by patients. In our outpatient clinic the patient may order all tests that are available in North Estonia Medical Centre and consult with other medical specialists.


Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic is open 9 am – 5 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
No referral required, registration by phone 617 2644 or 617 2623. Reception is opened 8.30 am – 5 pm.

The Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic employs experienced and highly qualified specialists – doctors, nurses, psychologists, and since 2013 we also provide services of occupational therapist

Dr Ülo Kallassalu
Head of Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic of North Estonia Medical Centre

Outpatient Clinic

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Ülo Kallassalu

Ülo Kallassalu



Eevi Elvak

Eevi Elvak