Nursing Care Centre

Department of nursing care opened its doors in September 2011 in newly renovated rooms which are equipped with up-to-date furnishing and equipment. The department is situated in the picturesque district of Nõmme, at Hiiu 39. Evergreen pine forest provides shelter from city noises and gives a chance to set your mind upon the moment and yourself.

The difference between nursing care and active therapy and follow-up care is that nursing care is concentrated on nursing and care giving. Nursing care does not include medical rehabilitation or physiotherapy. The department is for patients whose state of health does not allow them to cope with everyday life. Generally, patient is sent to nursing care department by the medical attendant or general practitioner. Specific examinations and tests are not available at the department of nursing care. Thus, it is recommended that patient does all necessary tests before coming to the department and has all daily medicaments with him and her.

The aim of nursing care is to enhance patient's independent ability to cope as much as possible.

Nursing care services include preventive and health maintenance activities; maintenance and, if possible, improvement of patient's established health and functional status; long-term treatment of stable patient and supportive nursing activities; nurse consultations and nursing care for terminal patients.

Nurses will take into consideration patient's values, knowledge and needs and patients will be involved to therapy according to their readiness and capabilities.

The department has 14 modern rooms with 40 beds. Each room has a sink; one room has also an en suit toilet. The department has 4 bathrooms which are also equipped with bath frames for shut-ins. The whole department is designed and furnished according to the needs of patients. Department has 2 leisure areas with bookshelves and comfortable arm-chairs. The leisure areas are accessible by wheelchairs and geriatric chairs. Patients can also watch TV there. Meals are served three times a day to rooms.

The staffs of departments consist of highly qualified employees: nurses, caregivers and physicians-consultants. Depending on patient's needs, it is possible to involve other specialists (social worker, psychologist, physician of the soul). All employees create a uniform supportive environment by offering patients and their families all-round emotional support for coping with the situation and by giving information about relevant support systems.
The nursing care department of North Tallinn Medical Centre admits patients from Tallinn and Harju County who are insured in the Harju Department of Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Staying at nursing care department requires cost-sharing by the patient. Please contact medical attendant or general practitioner for additional information.


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Eveli Tambre


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