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About us

The North Estonia Medical Centre is one of the top health care providers in the country. A patient-centred institution committed to professionalism, innovation and teamwork, the Medical Centre has more than 3,900 people – doctors, nurses, caregivers and specialists – working for the good of patients. Over 500 of them are doctors and at any given time, 100 medical residents are also based at the hospital. The hospital consists of seven clinics and 32 specialist centres. Similarly to European university hospitals, the North Estonia Medical Centre offers medical care in all specialist fields other than ophthalmology and obstetrics.
Each year, around 145,000 patients receive specialist medical care at the North Estonia Medical Centre. A total of 36,000 of them are assigned to the hospital’s 1,200 beds. In 2014, 30,200 surgical procedures and operations were performed at the North Estonia Medical Centre.

The North Estonia Medical Centre was established on 25 July 2001 by decision of the Government of the Republic through a merger of Mustamäe Hospital, Kivimäe Hospital, the Estonian Oncology Centre, Tallinn Psychiatric Hospital, Tallinn Dermatology Hospital, the Family Medical Counselling Centre and the Occupational Diseases Clinic. As of 2015, the NEMC is one of the owners in the Lääne County and Rapla County hospitals. 

In line with our core values, we strive to be patient-centred, professional, innovative and team players.
  • The vision of the North Estonia Medical Centre is to be a European recognized medical centre.
  • The mission of the North Estonia Medical Centre is to serve the Estonian population and healthcare system‘s needs for reliable medical care in the form of a multi-profiled acute treatment hospital, and to lead research and academics in the fields of medicine and healthcare.
  • Our core values are a patient-oriented approach, professionalism, innovativeness and teamwork.

Patient-oriented approach

  • The patient is at the centre of all that we do.
  • We find the optimum treatment solution for each patient.
  • By communicating with the patient, we proceed from medical ethics principles and good practices.
  • We care about patients and respect their privacy.


  • We staff the finest, most skilled specialists.
  • The number and variety of cases ensures more effective treatment in future.
  • We make efficient use of work time.
  • We are ambitious, and create opportunities to allow talented employees realize their true potential.


  • We utilize state of the art technology and innovative treatment methods – we are Estonia’s medical pioneers.
  • We are a clearinghouse for know-how and the hub of the healthcare network in northern Estonia. We train other medical service providers in the field of the latest treatment methods.
  • We are innovative also when it comes to auxiliary functions (IT, engineering) and organizational aspects.
  • We provide full support for research conducted by top specialists.


  • We listen to all opinions, our decision making and management processes are democratic.
  • All participants in the treatment process (medics, employees) feel part of a united team.
  • Our administrators are aware of their role in developing human resources and conveying information.