Emergency care at the Medical Centre

The emergency medicine department of the North Estonia Medical Centre is Estonia’s busiest 24h emergency room. As a regional hospital, we provide medical care in practically all medical specialities, other than scheduled obstetrical care and eye surgery. Emergency patients are admitted around the clock. The emergency room has a 16-bed monitoring hall for cases of medium-grade severity and a three-bed resuscitation hall equipped in accordance with grade III intensive care requirements.

The emergency medical care is provided from the age of 18. With children, please contact the emergency medicine department of Tallinn Children's Hospital. As an exception, surgical and traumatological medical care is provided at the North Estonia Medical Centre from the age of 16.

If you have arrived at the Medical Centre emergency room on your own, please do the following:

  • Take a number from the number dispenser
  • Present an ID to the service associate at the registration desk (obligatory) and pay the co-payment of 5 euros.
  • The co-payment is waived for people under 18 years of age and pregnant women.
  • If you arrived at the emergency room by car, please validate your parking ticket at the customer service desk. The parking lot with the barrier arm in front of the emergency room is free of charge ONLY for those seeking care at the centre. (When leaving the emergency room, enter the parking ticket in the machine located in the lobby. The payment terminal will display the price as “0” euros for tickets validated at customer service.)
  • A specially trained triage nurse will then provide the initial evaluation of your condition. Depending on the patient’s complaint and vitals, the nurse will, proceeding from triage principles, assign you to immediate consultation with a physician or it could take up to six hours.
  • Depending on the state of your health, you will either be shown to the patient waiting area or to a monitoring hall.
  • Patients are kindly asked to consider that critically ill patients will be seen outside the general waiting queue and the wait for less severe cases may as a result become longer.
  • If your condition is not life-threatening and you are waiting for a doctor in an examination room, please consider that the wait may be from 3 to 6 hours. Please try to remain calm if possible. While you wait, snacks and drinks are available from the vending machine in the waiting area. NB! If you feel that your condition is getting worse, immediately notify the waiting hall staff.
  • If your condition requires expedited medical examination by a doctor, you will be shown into the emergency room monitoring hall.
  • You will receive a medical examination, the necessary tests and analyses will be conducted.
  • You will be asked to wait for the results of the tests.
  • Based on the results of the tests, and a decision made by a physician, treatment will be commenced and you will be discharged to home care or hospitalized.
  • Fifteen minutes of complimentary parking is allowed in the parking lot with the barrier arm, located in front of the emergency room This time is allotted for the convenience of family members or taxis discharging or picking up patients. There is no need to validate or stamp the parking ticket during these 15 minutes.
  • If your condition changes while at home, please return to the emergency room or call an ambulance.