Emergency Medicine Centre

The Department of Emergency Medical Care , which is a part of the Centre of Emergency Medical Care, consists of three units:

Dear patients:
With regard to the increasing number of patients, the queue might exceed the estimated waiting period assessed by triage category.
For minor and chronic health complaints, please contact Your GP
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  • Intensive care room
  • Observation room
  • Outpatient unit

In 2014, the units of the Department of Emergency Medical Care of North Estonia Medical Centre provided medical care for 79 854 patients (approx. 218 per day). Work load of all departments of emergency medical care in Estonia has grown remarkably in the past few years. In the Department of Emergency Medical Care of North Estonia Medical Centre, the number of visitors  grew by 10.4% compared to 2009. Since then the annual growth has been 2.3%. The long-expected decrease of visits (6.1%) appeared only in 2013, mainly due to outpatient visits. The number of patients who are taken to emergency care unit by ambulance car, is growing.

At the moment we are looking possibilities for opening emergency short-term treatment unit where patients could be observed and treated for 48 hours starting from their arrival. This kind of short-term units are successfully functioning in different parts of Europe, Australia and America – mostly in countries were emergency medical care is highly developed.

Intensive care room

At intensive care room, all necessary initial treatment and diagnosis procedures are performed in order to stabilize the condition of patient. Mostly, the hospital has been alerted by ambulance  crew and by the time patient arrives, a highly qualified team of medical specialists will be available. This unit must be quick and effective and it is equipped with all equipment and medicines that are necessary for intensive care.

Observation room

The patients of observation room arrive mostly by ambulance transport. Their condition is not usually critical, but they do require quick assistance due to the nature of their disease or injury. The observation room has all necessary equipment for monitoring the condition of patients: beds, devices and staff with emergency care training. Initial diagnosis takes usual couple of hours. If necessary, patients are consulted by medical specialists and hospitalized to inpatient unit.

Outpatient unit

Outpatient unit is designed for patients who arrive themselves or are sent to the emergency care unit by other medical specialist. Examinations are performed in several rooms, some of them are equipped with special devices, for example: otolaryngology examination room; room of outpatient purulent surgery; trauma room.

Emergency Medicine Centre

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Emergency Medicine Centre

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