Department 3 of Follow-Up Care

Department 3 of follow-up care is a part of the follow-up care clinic of North Estonia Medical Centre and it is situated at Hiiu 44. The department has 40 beds, 10 of which are for neurological diseases and 30 for internal diseases.

Patients are admitted according to the schedule, generally from other departments of active therapy. In order to restore the health status after being in active therapy, in case of certain indications the patient must remain to the hospital for an additional period of time; this will allow restoring the condition before illness. In follow-up care the patients are treated according to physician's prescriptions and, if required, they are subjects to different scheduled examinations and procedures. If it should become evident during the follow-up care, that recovery of pre-illness status is not possible, we will forward stabilized patient o the next phase of treatment.

The staffs of department consist of highly qualified employees: physicians, nurses and caregivers. Depending on patient's needs, it is possible to involve other specialists (physiotherapist, social worker, and psychologist). All employees create a uniform supportive environment by providing the best possible care and, if necessary, by involving family to therapy and nursing.

Serious illness of a close person or a new treatment can often cause many unanswered questions which in turn causes the feeling of helplessness. Please contact our specialists in case of questions and problems. In addition, our employees provide information about relevant support systems.


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Follow-Up Care Clinic

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Diana Nõmberg-Klaus

Diana Nõmberg-Klaus

Chief Nurse

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