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Mustamäe unit

  • There is paid parking in the territory of Mustamäe unit.
  • As the result of public procurement, parking is organized by OÜ Citypark.
  • Visitors and patients can park their cars on the shoulder in front of the hospital or on hospital's side car-park. 
  • Please adhere to the requirements of parking operator, including paying parking fee. Parking area is marked with information boards and traffic control devices.
  • Parking fee is calculated by hours, starting from the first hour of parking.
  • Car-parks are equipped with parking machines where you can buy necessary parking permit for cash. Parking permit must be placed to dashboard. Parking machines accept all coins starting from 5-cents (1- and 2-cents are not accepted) and also 5- and 10-euro banknotes.
  • M-Parking (parking by mobile phone) - parking zone CP20. If you have valid parking service contract with your mobile telecommunication operator, you can pay for parking by mobile phone. In order to start parking, please send a SMS to the number 1902. The message should include car’s registration number, space character and parking zone number CP20; for example 123 ABC CP20. If you want to end parking, please call to number 1903. The cost of SMS is 0.32 EUR. Please follow the instructions of traffic control devices!


  • 0.50 euros per 0,5 hour
  • Day ticket (24h) 4.50 EUR
  • 1 week 18.00 EUR
  • 2 weeks 23.00 EUR 

1 month 40.00 EUR 

Parking fee is charged 24h every day.
In case of violation of traffic control requirements, the operator may impose a contractual penalty or displace your car from hospital’s territory. In case of violation of parking requirements, the operator shall impose a contractual penalty and all vehicles that significantly violate parking requirements shall be displaced. Parking inspector is present at parking area on working days between 8 AM and 7 PM; spot checks are made also on weekends and public holidays.
For additional information about parking requirements, contractual penalties and other fees, displacement fees, displaced cars and their current location, please call to OÜ CITYPARK EESTI phone 673 5000 or send an e-mail to

Emergency Care Unit (ER)

  • Entrance to ER is from children's hospital's side
  • If you are coming by car from Tervise or Retke Street, you need to turn to the road between Children’s Hospital and North Estonia Medical Centre and take turn from the light advertisement to X-unit’s car-park.
  • Car-park has 21 places plus 5 places for physically disabled persons. 
  • Barriered car-park in front of the emergency care centre is free of charge ONLY for patients who use the services of emergency care centre.
  • You will receive a parking permit from the parking machine next to the barrier. Please submit your permit for registration to the reception desk.
  • If you are leaving the centre, enter your parking permit to self-service payment terminal at centre’s lobby. If your permit is previously registered at reception desk, the terminal will charge 0 euros for parking.
  • Please note that in barriered car-park only 15 minutes of parking is free of charge for everyone. During this period of time it is possible for relatives or even a taxi to take patients to the centre of emergency care or come and take patient back home. In that case you are not required to register your parking permit.
  • All others who want to park in emergency care centre’s car-park have to pay parking fee of euros for each started hour. Before you end parking, please insert your parking permit to self-service payment terminal at centre’s lobby and pay the displayed sum. Payment terminal accepts only cash, returns are also available.

Hiiu unit

  • As of February 1st, 2012, the territory of North Estonia Medical Centre Hiiu unit (Hiiu 39 and Hiiu 44) is considered paid parking area. Please adhere to the parking requirements of parking operator, including paying parking fee. 
  • Parking is organized by OÜ Citypark.


  • 0.60 euros per hour
  • Day ticket (24h) 3.20 EUR
  • 1 week 13.00 EUR
  • 2 weeks 23.00 EUR 

1 month 40.00 EUR