Pathology Department

Part of the Diagnostics Division, the Pathology Department is one of the leading diagnostics service units, covering the modern diagnostic needs of both general as well as specialized pathology.

Modern pathology is the study of diseases on the cellular and tissue level. Diagnostics are based on morphological, immunological, molecular biology or cytogenetic investigative methods. These are the basis for classification of neoplasms and assessing residual disease or monitoring the therapeutic effects based on the requirements set forth in the WHO classification.

In addition, our centre conducts pathoanatomical autopsies mainly to evaluate treatment quality.

The cornerstone of pathology services is morphological and histological studies, centring on dried and paraffin-embedded, microtome-sliced and slide-mounted ultrathin tissue sections, which are stained using either routine or special staining methods.

Other staining methods based on immunochemistry are in widespread use; these are based on a reaction between an antigen and antibody. Depending on their source material (cytological preparations or tissue sections), they are termed immunohistochemical or immunocytochemical stains. The basis of cytology services is to assess the morphology of cells taken using various methods from a disease site. In addition, immunological or molecular studies can be conducted additionally at the cellular level.

The centre operates on weekdays from 8:00-16:00.


Pathology Department

Janne Karlep


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Pathology Department

Lea Mällo

Head of Centre

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Pathology Department

Evelin Tomingas

Chief Bioanalyst

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