Mustamäe medical campus

The Mustamäe medical campus is gradually getting a new look

By developing the medical campus, the North Estonia Medical Centre is

  • creating treatment and living conditions that meet patient expectations, as well as a safe and fully modern work environment to suit personnel needs
  • increasing possibilities for employee development, adoption of new treatment methods and research and development.  
  • continuing to expand the hospital’s professional and technological competence and availability within the health care system

Phase I

As a result of phase I, on 11 December 2009 we opened the Medical Centre’s new and modern X-Block, where the most technologically intensive part of treatment operations takes place. This is the most modern diagnostic and active care complex in the Baltic Sea region. The building houses an emergency medicine centre, a 30-bed emergency internal diseases department, an operating centre with 18 halls, a 40-place intensive care centre, a radiology centre, a nuclear medicine department, a radiotherapy department, hospital pharmacy and sterilization division, plus technical utility rooms and changing rooms for staff. The new block has five storeys, with a gross area of 29,807 m².

Phase II

In the current phase of construction of the campus, the hospital’s C-Block is being renovated. New facilities will be built for the hospital lab and blood bank, outpatient surgery operating unit, stage III cardiac intensive care, invasive cardiology and cardio logical functional diagnostic departments and cardiology centre departments, hospital polyclinic, logistics and waste centre, kitchen and other technical departments. The renovated C-Block will have five storeys, with a gross area of 27,529 m² (including 7,393 m² of new floor space). The renovation will take place in two stages. Phase I will be complete in 2014 and phase II in 2015.

The development of phase I and II of the Mustamäe Medical Campus is supported by the European Union Regional Development Fund.