Diagnostics Division

Expert diagnosis is the key to successful treatment

The Diagnostics Division specializes in endoscopy, laboratory medicine, nuclear medicine, pathology, radiology, tranfusiology and transplantation.
The Medical Centre’s diagnostic clinic consists of four centres:

Blood Centre
Pathology Department
Radiology Department


The clinic staffs 495 qualified specialists, of whom 101 are physicians.

The personnel have a high level of specialized training, allowing the use of high-tech equipment and innovative technologies. Diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of treatment outcomes proceeds on the basis of studies and procedures conducted in accordance with international quality requirements, and treatment outcomes are evaluated in correlation with clinical data.

Our multidisciplinary working groups and committees work closely with other clinics and structural units at the Medical Centre as well as with hospitals and clinics and research centres.
The Diagnostics Division is an internship base for the University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu and Tallinn Health Care College, and it is also a base for on-the-job learning.

The goal of the Diagnostics Division is to merge professionalism and love for the work we do – for the good of all our patients.

Diagnostics Division

Riina Kozlov

Clinic Secretary

617 1889

Indrek Koovit

Head of Clinic

617 1182

Eve Kliimann

Chief Nurse of Clinic

617 1114