Y-block – a state-of-the-art treatment environment

The Y-block is a state-of-the-art treatment centre located in the Mustamäe Medical Campus of the North Estonia Medical Centre, where our patients receive cancer and kidney treatment in a modern and patient-friendly environment. The diagnostics clinic, an indispensable cornerstone of modern treatment, also has new and modern facilities in the Y-block. In cooperation with doctors in the pathology and radiology centres, the best treatment decisions are made for each patient. On floor 0 of the building, there is a pharmacy dilution centre and a radiology unit with two magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) devices.

For us, it is important that patients feel as comfortable and well as possible in the treatment environment, so the new Y-block has this in mind every step of the way. A lot of thought has been put into family members as well, who are very welcome to support the patient on the treatment journey. Our own staff – doctors, nurses and carers – are also very important to us, so special attention is paid to their working and rest conditions.

Y-block departments

  • Oncology and Haematology Clinic

Day care department is on the first floor and ward departments on the third floor. The haematology ward is on the second floor.

  • Nephrology centre of the Internal Medicine Clinic

The hemodialysis department is on the first floor and the nephrology centre is on the fourth floor.

As the new Y-block has just been opened, we apologise for any inconvenience! If you have any questions, please contact the North Estonia Medical Centre by phone at 617 1300.