From 30 September, the ban on visiting patients will be reintroduced at the Medical Centre


Due to the continuous increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Estonia, the Medical Centre will introduce a ban on visiting hospitalised patients from Friday, 30 September. Parcels for patients must be left at the information desk of the hospital, from where they will be forwarded to patients. Please mark the name and department of the patient correctly on the parcel. 

‘As is usual in autumn, the frequency of viral infections of the upper respiratory tract, including the coronavirus, has increased, and in order to improve infection control for the patients, we will reintroduce a ban on visiting patients in the hospital from 30 September. In individual special cases, the attending physician may allow visits, but only if there is a prior agreement,’ said Dr Mait Altmets, head of the Medical Centre’s Infection Control & Prevention Department. 

All patients coming for out-patient visits or examinations are still required to wear a mask and clean their hands in the hospital. Hand sanitisers and protective masks are available at each entrance of the hospital and at the reception desks. The use of masks is also mandatory in the ER. The hospital monitors the situation constantly and will announce when it is possible to visit patients again.