Psychiatry Clinic

The Psychiatry Clinic has operated since 1903 on the lands of the historical Seewaldi summer manor. The owner, Baroness Marie Girard de Saucanton, bestowed the manor upon the Estonian Provincial Association for the Care of the Infirm in 1898, and construction of the hospital began, largely through donations, the same year. Ernst von Kügelgen, MD became the hospital’s first general practitioner. The first hospital buildings were completed at the end of 1903. At the time of its inauguration it was one of Europe’s most modern psychiatric hospitals. Today, more than a century later, the clinic forms part of the Regional Hospital and we have reached a point where we must be able to bring this valuable heritage into line with the standards of modern-day Europe.

The catchment area for the clinic is northern Estonia as a whole, but we also provide inpatient assistance to those requiring it from Lääne-Viru and Lääne Counties and the islands. We are the biggest psychiatric clinic in the country and the care we provide represents more than a third of all such specialised medical care in Estonia. We employ 40 adult and 4 child psychiatrists, 12 adult and 2 child psychologists, 2 speech therapists, 2 neurologists, an in-house doctor and an anesthesiologist. Psychiatric residents practise in our clinic each year along with psychology students and others from medical school.

We are research partners with the Tallinn University of Technology’s Biomedical Engineering Centre and every year our clinic takes part in a range of international implementation trials for the development of new medicines. Involvement in such studies is an indication of the credibility of our doctors at the international level, and the work done in the clinic is repeatedly checked by FDA and EMEA auditors. A large number of our doctors and psychologists have undertaken professional training abroad, and our department providing integrated treatment of first onset psychosis is participating in a research project with similar departments from throughout Scandinavia.

We are also the favourites of artists, photographers and filmmakers: they always find something in the lands and buildings of the manor that is worth capturing.

The Psychiatric Clinic is made up of the Psychiatric Outpatients Clinic and the Inpatient Treatment Centre.

Kaire Aadamsoo
Head of Clinic
Ph +372 617 2600 
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Eevi Elvak
Chief nurse of Clinic
Ph +372  617 2605 
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Marika Donald
Clinic secretary
Ph +372 617 2600
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