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Transplantation Centre

The Transplantation Centre opened in May 2012 is an interdisciplinary unit that provides administration and support for all transplant-related activity at the NEMC. The Transplantation Centre includes aspects related to operating licences and contracts, quality control documentation system, maintaining a register of non-conformities and adverse effects and conducting audits.

Transplantation and supporting activities take place in specialized centres – the Oncology and Haematology Clinic, the Surgery Clinic (Orthopaedics, Vascular Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Operating Centre), Laboratory, Anaesthesiology (intensive care), Blood Centre and quality service.

Our partners in cooperation

Tartu University Hospital

East Tallinn Central Hospital

NEMC as a donor hospital for other centres

Tartu University Hospital – organs, tissues

East Tallinn Central Hospital – corneas

Transplantation activities

Allogeneic vascular grafts

Licensed to perform since 2010, renewed 2012.
In 2016, tissue was harvested from cadaveric donors on 12 occasions, and there were 13 transplants.
Primarily, veins are substituted in artery reconstruction operations.
Specialist: Dr. Priit Põder

Handling of autologous peripheral blood stem cells

Licensed since 2009, renewed in 2012.
2016 statistics: 39 donors, 145 doses of stem cells, 35 transplants.
Specialist: Dr Katrin Palk

Bone tissue handling – cadaveric and live donors

Licensed since December 2012.
Over 20 transplants harvested. Used in orthopaedic operations and neurosurgery.
Specialist: Dr. Tiit Kanarik


Licensed since August 2013. Heart transplants take place in cooperation with Helsinki University Hospital specialists.
Specialist: Dr. Günter Taal

Allogeneic skin

Application for operating license pending.
Dr Tiiu Kaha and Dr Ain Seimar

Transplantation license is available HERE.

Transplantation activities supported by

Donor coordinators

  1. Dr Asta Auerbach
  2. Dr Tiiu Välja
  3. Dr Irene Kamenik

The donor coordinators are responsible for assessing whether the patient is a suitable donor, conducting analyses, contacts with Tartu University Hospital transplantation coordinators, communicating with the donor’s relatives, and coordinating the donor operation.

The number of organ donors dealt with at the NEMC over the last three years:

  • 2014 – 16 donors
  • 2015 – 12 donors
  • 2016 –12 donors

The following individuals assist in preparing documentation

  • Riima Niidas – chief specialist, quality systems service
  • Ilona Reiljan – project manager, quality systems for handling organs, tissues and cells
Dr Riin Kullaste

Dr Riin Kullaste

Head of Centre

617 3004