Security and Logistics Department

Security and Logistics Department is responsible for the security of North Estonia Medical Centre; it manages logistics issues, monitors fire safety requirements at the housings of North Estonia Medical Centre and ensures the evacuation, if necessary.
Security and Logistics Department employs fire safety specialist and and a specialist to manage video systems, security systems and access systems.
Security and Logistics Department consists of dispatcher division, logistics division and security division.
The main task of dispatcher division is to respond to primary medical emergency calls and security alerts detected by security systems and the employees of the hospital, and manage error messages of technical systems. Received messages will be forwarded to relevant divisions and centres. Dispatchers are responsible for organizing communication and transportation.
The main task of Logistics Division is to arrange transportation. This includes transportation of patients between the housings of North Estonia Medical Centre; maintenance of the roads and parking areas inside the territory of North Estonia Medical Centre; and administration of traffic control devices. Logistics division employs vehicle and bus drivers.
Security division is responsible for ensuring the security of North Estonia Medical Centre; arrange the work of in-house guarding units and guards; surveillance of fire security requirements in the housings of North Estonia Medical centre; evacuation; and checking the emergency messages from automatic fire alarm system.

Andres Harak

Head of Department

+372 617 2098